The Renegades

SPACE OPERA - 65,000 words - ZIP file
Alnus Semeta was one of millions of soldiers used by the Imperium for their myriad of wars. A conscript, cannon fodder. His mind was reprogrammed so that he would serve the Emperor with an absolute fervor. One day, that programming broke. What followed was a careful crafting of ascension through the ranks, gile and conspiracy. He and his renegades break away from the Imperial control and begin to wage war against their controllers. Semeta and his band form alliances with aliens and psychics. Over a long campaign, Semeta and his renegades grow to challenge the Empire and the Emperor himself.
But power has its pitfalls. Semeta has to tread carefully to avoid the traps that power brings. The Renegades is a much a tale of combat and adventure as it is a story of power does to people and what they're willing to endure to gain control.
The Renegades is story drawn a friend's idea for a story. He sat down and laid out an elaborate tale of space marines and the usurping of their Emperor. The original incarnation of this tale began as that and has since evolved to the be so much more. In the end, the seed of his idea and the last paragraphs are all that remained. It's solidly space opera, a neccessary backdrop to tell a tale of what people do when in power and how people grow from simple ideas (revenge, liberty, etc.) to the complex (revolution, new order and the like).

I wrote it from 1989 to 1993. An odd period in my life. By making the book episodic, it began a trend of mine to 'build' books. The flow of the book follows a linear temporal progression but I wrote chunks that related to each other, separate from this linear idea. If most of novel writing is a talent like tailoring-- you conceptualize, you cut the cloth and sew it together and, in the end, you hope none of the seams are showing. This task was far more like sculpting: after conceptualization you try to work and form the pieces of clay until they arrive at a finished state. You start with the base-- not just the base of the front but the base of the sides and the rear too. Then you work up from there. In the end you have a piece of work or a pile of mud. I hope, after reading The Renegades, you discover the former. My impetus at the end of this wasn't so much to finish this book, but it was to finish it so I could get onto writing Ragnarok with a clear conscience...


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