I find that sometimes, I do not brag about myself, what I've done or how long I've been "in the game." I forget to mention that I am good at some of the stuff I do. I forget to mention just how many things I have done. Here's a chronological ordering of what I've been up to in the last 46 years. This isn't an exhaustive list. It misses out trips, smaller projects, many life events, and lots of the et cetera that happens in everybody's life. This is an arbitrary list of highlights up to 2014.

Trivia For The Stats Junkies

  • Youtube video views: 294,000
  • Flickr photo views: 169,000+
  • Best viral campaign: Throne of Nerds (7.4-million Google references)
  • Number of times I've been in the New York Post: 3
  • First time I was published: 1984
  • Number of completed novels: 3
  • Number of salable novels: 0
  • Started working with JavaScript: 1997
  • First CMS built (Daccor): 1999
  • Highest Alexa Ranking site (Apollo Guide): 30,000 in 1999

All Over The Place?

If you look at this list, you may think that I'm all over the place. In truth, I have been led by some simple interconnected rules:
  • I am a Viridian: I believe that technology can solve all problems when properly used, including dissolving into the background to be pervasive, but invisible. When I have sought a means to communicate, for the last 30 years, it has been through technology because if amplifies reach, improves the production and can be stored and reproduced for others later.
  • I believe service to others is a noble profession (why I do so many projects, why I try to help those who know me, and I learned first aid).
  • I want to be heard: it's why I put a marketing face to everything I do
  • I want everyone to be heard: I think discreet democracy is possible. We can eventually have freedom, self-determination and plurality exhibited in every aspect of our lives. (hence the running-for-mayor thing, and the research in disruptive democratizing tools).

Life / Health - Writing - Video / Audio Production - Programming - Social Media - Jobs - Politics - Moving - Education - TV / Mass Media - Etc


  • LBornOr, so I was told.


  • LNothingHey: I was one.


  • LSister born.Let's get the sibling rivalry under way!


  • MMoved to Nova ScotiaHalifax and Chesuncook. I lived through a hurricane! And I survived the local yokels
  • MMoved to Hamilton, OntarioWhy not.


  • LI kissed a girl.Didn't I have a latency period? See 1968 through 1971. Don't worry: this bio isn't about smooching.
  • MMoved to Calgary.I think I didn't hate the place
  • AI got Lego for Christmas. That was a very big deal.


  • LMaternal Grandfather died. Not too sad-- I later learned that my grandfather was an a-hole.
  • MMoved back to Victoria.
  • AI saw my first episode of Star Trek (The Enterprise Incident). Geekiness surging.
  • EStarted Kindergarten at Cloverdale.


  • LNot that much going on, event wise. I guess while Bill Gates was starting Microsoft, I was doing nothing.


  • LNot that much going on. Jesus: I was seven, what did you expect?


  • MMoved back Hamilton, Ontario. We bussed from Victoria to Toronto. I really wasn't surprised that bus trips could be punctuated with a beheading after going through that trip.
  • MMoved to Nanaimo.We drove back via the U.S.
  • LFather Left.He was a deadbeat, so his leaving meant I could be a geek instead of a truck driver named Spike. Because of him, I lived in three cities and five places in 1976.
  • MMoved back to Victoria. When my deadbeat dad left us high and dry, all social services would do it pay for our move from Nanaimo to Victoria.


  • AI saw Star Wars. Fire the nerd ray!
  • LI met my friend, Tim Bailey We had Micronauts and Star Wars in common.


  • LNot that much going on.


  • LNot that much going on.


  • AAll excited by Empire Strikes Back, I made an 8mm film. It didn't survive to date.


  • AIn Junior High, I bowed to peer pressure and started playing D&D.


  • LNot that much going on. Unless you count having to see Megaforce as life altering.


  • CStarted programming in high school (Apple ][ Applesoft BASIC)
  • WWe nerds started to write a role-playing game called, "Terra-3." I still have a pile of the damned rules somewhere


  • ELeft high school and took courses via correspondence. It gave me time to write
  • CStarted programming out of UVic. A friend's dad was an instructor, so we coded up there in IBM BASIC
  • WTook up writing for gaming magazines.


  • WWrote for DTI. Served as Contributing Editor on Space Gamer and VIP of Gaming



  • WWrote for TSR. DL15 AC11
  • LI went on a really severe diet. I lost over 100 lbs.
(more of my writing from the 1980s -- Link)


  • JHeeded the suggestion of getting a regular job. Started working at Victoria Games and Comics as the store manager.


  • WWrote for Chaosium Mansions of MadnessReview: Probably the best collection of Call of Cthulhu scenarios in one single book. Worth picking up if you're just getting into the game or if you've been playing for 30 years!
  • JI moved onto the empire that was Eaton's-- for five years of part time pain. Like a Chinese Water Torture in Men's Wear.


  • JI volunteered at CFUV doing late night shows as well as co-writing and producing, "Chris Eng: Early Morning Ninja."


  • WStarted writing my second novel, The Renegades.
  • LI moved out on my own. I ended up managing my first apartment building.
  • LMy nephew, Layton, was born.


  • JI got my first Industrial First Aid ticket.
  • JI worked at CKDA as a copywriter.
  • CStarted programming on an IBM!(C and C++ -- a friend in Computer Science at the time said it was impossible that I could be doing game programming.)
  • LMoved in with my buddy Steve Mills We tried to kill MANY liver cells from 1992 to 1994.
  • WDid a lot of ghostwriting: a screenplay, a children's book and a proposal for a Canadian version of the Walk of Fame.
  • LMy niece, Brittany, was born.
  • CI got a 2400 baud modem for Christmas-- it meant I could get into Compuserve (until long distance charges killed me), Freenet and this other thing called "The Internet."


  • LSurvival mode-- writing, sick family and mounting debts.
  • WOur writing group (Dave Robinson, Will Turvey, myself and others) tried to publish Legends Magazine. This was almost pre-desktop publishing-- we sold ad space, and got a friend to print on his snazzy laser. Still had to do the paste-up by hand (with literal paste).
  • WStarted writing my third novel, Ragnarok.Post-apocalyptic story-- it matched my mindset.
  • AI dressed as the Borg for Halloween. (no pictures survived)


  • LUncle Alf died.
  • LAunt Min died.
  • LMaternal Grandmother died. That was huge blow
  • JI quit Eaton's. Rot in Hell, Eaton's!
  • CI started researching this new thing on the Internet-- something called "The World Wide Web" that allowed pictures and markup!
  • CWI started soliciting digital copies of novels. I was planning on selling ebooks via the Internet... you know, like Kindle but 15 years before they started to do it.


  • JI did first aid in a logging camp up North Brief, but interesting
  • AI dressed as this shelled alien thing for Halloween. (no pictures survived)


  • LI met first wife-to-be, Cheryl DeWolfe
  • JCI got into web design at Foo Software.



  • CAI bought my first digital camera. A whopping 640x480 resolution.
  • CI did a lot of in-page element loading with Javascript. The techniques would later be replicated in JQuery and Ajax.
  • CI did a website for the Chemainus Grand Prix.
  • CI started DeWolfe Enterprises: web design and tech support.
  • WTVI wrote a Globe & Mail oped about the fall of Eatons.
  • CWI started writing movie and game reviews for Apollo Guide. I later did work on their ASP driven movie site (3000+ entries; Alexa Rank of 30,000 overall at the time).


  • CI did a website for the Victoria Dragonboat Festival.
  • TVI was in a CTV piece about eBay.
  • PI ran for mayor of Victoria. An old capture of the campaign site. No wonder I only got 52 votes. What was I thinking?
  • TVI was in a New York Times piece about eBay.
  • CI built a transactional processing system for the alternative currency, LETS.


  • CPI did a website for MLA candidate, Brian Burchill.
  • L We survived Y2K!!!
  • WMalcolm Johnstone, Cheryl DeWolfe, Ted Godwin and I came up with Fringe Play: "Democracy InAction."
  • CPI did a website for the BC Conservative Party, using Daccor, my ASP driven CMS.


  • LMWe bought our condo!Try doing that while self-employed!
  • L We welcomed Alice to the world.
  • EA brief mistake: Computer Master.
  • WI got an agency to sell my tech writing.
  • JCWe formed EPICO, an IT co-op. Our initial general meeting was held on 9/11, how is that for a bad sign?


  • WI got into an 80,000 word book deal. The publisher dragged the word limit up to 200,000 words, but refused to change the due date, and I had to take it or leave it. I took it.
  • JCI was able to sell some licenses of Daccor, including to CARP. I guess their revenge was making 45+ year olds into "seniors."
  • LMy nehpew, Gavin, was born.


  • WCTook 2nd place for "Worst Web Dev Project" contest held by CNET and (one of the many times in 46 years wherein "DeWolfe" has been misspelled.)
  • JCIn the "go big or go home" mindset, we tried to open a co-work space with EPICO as the ring leader / tenant. We were going to hold classes. EPICO went bust before we could open our doors.
  • WAfter the first book, I got into a second book about PHP Nuke with a Swedish co-author. It turned out he developed 24-hour cancer-- that is, he came down with cancer in time to stop our collaboration, but he was able to bounced back from that the next day to collaborate on other works. The editor at APress suggested I could write about Drupal. I didn't. Eventually no book happened.
  • LMy extended family had a house fire.
  • JCI was really tired of hanging out in the cold. I looked at a job at Falcon Software, said, "yeah, I can do all that." Applied, set-up childcare, got the interview, got the job.


  • SI joined Google's new social media site, Orkut.
  • LMy niece, Megan, was born to the same birthday, as Tim. One stop shopping for remembering the dates.


  • SI joined the art / social site, Deviant Art
  • JCI was made the IT manager at Falcon. A little more pay, a lot more suffering.
  • JCI heard about work that this place called, "Commuication Initiative" was hiring.
  • WCI wrote an article for PHP Architect. Keeping my tech writing skills limber.
  • SI joined a photo sharing site out of Vancouver, Flickr. I began to work out how it worked and later delved into its API.
  • AI dressed as Hellboy Photo.


  • VS I joined Youtube and started to upload videos: 254,000+ video views to date. It would be much higher, but a few videos have been removed by Youtube (oops).
  • A We got to meet William Shatner (see 1973). Looked at it another way: he got to meet me.
  • EC I attended a Vancouver PHP confence in 2006.
  • JCMuch of my time at "The CI" was excellent. We were knee deep in the task of coverting a legacy site and its content (30,000+ pieces) into Drupal 5.


  • EI took an introductory Spanish course at UVic. Olé!
  • SLong before IndieGogo and Kickstarter, I entered into and won a crowd sourced fund: the Robin Hood Fund - Here's the video!
  • A I started working on a man-sized Cthulhu Sculpture made out of junk and fiberglass.
  • S I joined Facebook My Facebook Account.
  • JCMy boss at the Commuication Initiative moved to Switzerland, and I took his job.
  • LCheryl broke her ankle. Our 10th anniversary in Vegas plans were downgraded to a night in The Oswego.


  • LWe went on a road trip: all the way up to Port Hardy and back over a week. We came home to discover workers had trashed our paito. We put up the for-sale signs!
  • LWe sold our townhouse and bought a bungalow. It's old. It's quirky. I'll maybe survive it.


  • EC I attended a Open Web Vancouver in 2009. I might as well have been called, "Drupalcon Lite."
  • S I joined this new thing called "Twitter."


  • CEPresenter - WordCamp Victoria 2010 - Categories for Wordpress.
  • EC I attended a DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco.
  • VC I edited a short film, A Temp At Crime.
  • JCI moved to a job at a start-up working on predictive algoritims. The technical decisions were taken out of my hands, so I could not make much headway. Every week it seemed like the company (me and this other guy) were going in a new direction.


  • JL We formed up "The Purpose Party" to come up with an atomic breakdown of panels to yield solutions. More.
  • CEPresenter - FreelanceCamp Victoria 2011 - Billing Practices for Freelancers.
  • LMy cousin died. That was all the proof I needed to know that life was too short.
  • JCI left the start-up and we activated Those DeWolfes Creative. It was supposed to be a company that sold products. It's getting there now finally.
  • SI was a panelist at Social Media Club on the topic of Podcasting.


  • WLots of ghostwriting for clients of all sorts.
  • CSSEO optimizations and prominence building through social media for local clients.
  • CI wrote an app that connects Flickr to Tumblr. I'm even available!
  • CEPresenter - WordCamp Victoria 2012 - Converting from Drupal to Wordpress.


  • STVAI built a "Throne of Nerds" to test out how to get something to predictably go viral. It worked. It really worked. Go ahead: Google "Throne of Nerds" and you'll see 7,400,000+ results.
  • LI carried out what I am calling a Psychological Regeneration. Don't worry: all I did was roll over the odometer.
  • SI was a coach at Social Media Camp.
  • SI was a presenter at Social Media Bootcamp.
  • CI bought controlling interest in Where Can I Buy A Car Online.
  • CI completed the build of a property management SaaS.


  • SI was a coach at Social Media Camp.
  • CI started to do plugins and other digital products: My WordPress Plugin storefront.
  • CI started working at UVic as a web developer.
  • LI started dating my soul mate, Erin Carson.

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